Next to positive mental attitude, the ability to make a shelter perhaps the most important. Your clothing is the first and immediate shelter you have, and it is important that you are dressed according to the circumstances and situation.

Whether you are in the desert, mountains, arctic area or in a forest, it is important to you quickly and effectively are protected against the sun, wind, cold and wetness. You might otherwise be hit by heatstroke, frostbite or hypothermia, depending on what environment you are in.

In my courses, you will both get the opportunity to make rapid and more permanent shelters. You will find yourself sleeping under the open sky and enjoy the view of the stars.

You might even be lucky enough to wake up and see the animals being so used to you in your permanent shelter that they move close to you in the morning.

I will review what attire is most appropriate in different situations and you will have the opportunity to see how little you actually need in the nature when you have made an effective shelter.