You will probably have more chances to face and get through a survival situation if you are able to navigate properly.

Navigation consists of both skills and confidence. If you do not have confidence but the skill, you will quickly begin to doubt yourself and your observations when navigating. You can quickly end up moving in a totally wrong direction and away from populated areas.

However, if you only have self confidence but not skill you will quickly achieve the same result, as you only use your intuition and not your abilities.

On my courses you will boost both your skills and your confidence about navigation, so you are able to navigate safely in unfamiliar terrain.

If you are lost you may find yourself in a survival situation, where you will need to signal the rescue force. You will probably have to improvise when you signal the rescue force. It is therefore important to identify what resources you can use for signaling, and not least how – and when – it is most optimal, so you’re sure to be discovered.