First Aid

Most young and adults can administer some kind of first aid. Some can even administer CPR and other life saving types of first aid.

How many of us can administer first aid on our self or others in a survival situation?

Can you administer first aid on a person who has hypothermy, hyperthermy, dehydration, hyponatremia, altitude sickness or has been bitten by a snake?

Can you treat a sprained ancle or hand without normal first aid materials like gauze or band-aid’s?

All these injuries, or conditions, are just some of the things you can encounter as you move around in the wilderness. You could you find your self in a larger emergency situation, where you don’t have access to first aid materials or the supply could have been used up.

On some of my courses you will try out wilderness first aid, using conventional and unconventional first aid methods.