Food is energy and food helps to keep our spirits up in a survival situation. Food is also vital if you are exposed for a longer period of time where you have to rely on yourself.

We’re all used to get our food in the cold counter in a shop and then cook it in our kitchen. It can be an overwhelming feeling to have to gather or catch your own food.

To bait a hook with a live worm, to catch a fish or to field-dress a rabbit, may be overwhelming to you, but it needs to be done, in order for you to survive.

In a survival situation it is not always advisable to start using energy to find food. Actually there are 25% greater chance of survival by fasting if the period is 2-3 weeks or less.

There is no doubt that food, especially hot food, helps to keep spirits up and make the situation look much better. On my courses you will have the opportunity to make traps and use them in the wild. If you are unlucky enough to not catch anything, I will provide you with a fish or rabbit to prepare in the wilderness.