To be able to make fire using only natural materials is one of the most important skills you can master, it could save your life in a survival situation.

There are more than 40 ways of making fire, and not all are easy to master. If you are able to make fire, you will be able to purify water, get heat, dry your clothes, make signal fires, avoid hypothermia and much more.

You will be challenged on my courses, when you make fire using only natural materials, but you will be rewarded when you see the flames.

The means to produce fire at ranges from the modern method where you use a lighter to a magnifying glass, flint and steel and to “hand-drill”, which probably was used by some of the first people who could make fire by themselves.

When you’re in the wilderness, looking into the flames you will have the same feeling as the first people who could make fire, must have been feeling.

It is a narcotic and hypnotic feeling at the same time, and like water, you’ll find that fire helps to sustain life and bring you energy, mentally and physically.