Wilderness Skills offers an exciting 14 days bushcraft and survival course in Arizona and Utah.

The course is divided into several components, focusing on bushcraft, survival skills, the nature and more specialized subjects. You will have lot’s of opportunities to try out your learned skills and combine them with your everyday life.

Most of the time on the course you will be together with the other participants, but you will also get the opportunity to be on your own (voluntarily). With a holistic approach to the nature and the skills, we will look at the following subjects:

Bushcraft and survival skills
Survival psychology, the survival priorities – including fire, water, shelter and wilderness first aid.

Outdoor skills and environmental awareness
Navigation with and without compass, rope and knots, knife, saw and axe use, primitive hygiene and the human physiology.

Plants and animals
Basic tracking, spoor-reading, animal and plantlife in the area.

Native Indian Culture
Exciting stories around the fire and visiting the Hopi.

This course is given as a 14 day course.

Contact Wilderness Skills for information regarding date and price.

Place: Arizona/Utah, USA.