Wilderness Skills offer’s teambuilding, survival and self-development courses in Arizona, Utah, and Grand Canyon. The courses are for companies and private individuals who are interested in developing their skills and co-oporation  using untraditional learning in extraordinary surroundings.

You will, in depth, receive education in the basic principles of wilderness skills and you will be given ample opportunities to try it out in nature.

I will connect the basic survival principles with your everyday life and give you the possibility to be better at:

– Knowing yourself
– Observing (yourself & others)
– Acting fast and confident
– Communicating
– Appreciating the small things in life
– Reacting fast and correct
– Knowing your own limits
– Expanding your own limits, and much more.

If you or your company are looking for a course that is not described here, please feel free to contact me. We can – together – tailor a course that just suits you or your company optimally.

Wilderness Skills has an open pricing policy. Due to the large variation in the course composition and customer demands, there is no standard pricing for my courses, unless specified.

The cost for a course will be determined after providing the requirements for the course. I.e the physical environment (hotel, scout hut, training center or accommodation in the countryside), expectations for catering, group size, location, course syllabus etc.