Survival Rumours and Myths

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Boil water for 10 minutes This is one so old; I don’t even know where it came from. I’ve also heard 5 minutes, 15 minutes and even 20 minutes of boiling time. I’ll keep this short… After the water reaches the boiling point, it’s safe to drink, period, end of story. Big bubbles, no troubles. […]

Priorities of work in a survival situation

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All survival situations are different regarding the order in which you need to use the different survival skills, but a general guideline is to think in blocks of time. The first 24 hours of survival are critical. You have to make an initial estimate of the situation, weather, terrain, time of day, available recourses and […]

Survival Actions

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The positive mind-set is quite important. You could also call it “the will to survive”, although you might call it “attitude” as well. Basically it means that you need the right attitude to survive. The positive mind-set is not enough; you will also need different skills to survive. I’m concentrating on seven skills to survive. […]

Defining the Survivor

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The Survivor Survivor originates from the old French term Sourvivre. Survivre translates to; live longer or longer than. The French term originates from the Latin term Super vivere. Super translates to; more or more than. Vivre translates into; to live. So you could say a survivor is a person who is willing to live more than normal. You could define a survivor as a person who accepts, defeats and overcome adversity, […]

My interest in Survival

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I’ve always had a general interest in survival and outdoor living. So after a bunch of survival courses and working as an instructor on the Danish CSAR/SERE course’s, I’ve decided to start making a manual. I started initially by making a SERE manual, but the scope of describing the whole SERE concept, would be too […]

My life as a Zebra

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You may know the term “The Zebra effect”? If not, in a few words, it’s the effect zebras use against a predator hunting them. They gather in a flock, and thus their stripes reportedly confuse the predator. It has probably also something to do with the fact that they might feel more secure as a […]